The 50th Sunfish World Championship Comes to Sarasota

  • Sarasota Sailing Squadron
  • 09/17/21

The Sarasota Sailing Squadron located on City Island has announced the 50th World Sunfish Championship will be coming to Sarasota in October 2021. The 100 competitors come from North, South, and Central America, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Europe. They will be sailing in new boats supplied by Sunfish Direct. They have qualified previously in events held in their respective countries and represent the country's best sailors. 

The Sunfish is a single-handed boat first built in the US in the 1950s. It is the boat seen all over the world on lakes, bays, seas and oceans. World Championships have been held in many countries since 1970 and is the most anticipated regatta for sunfish sailors. 

The week-long event will be held October 23-29. Twelve races are planned during the week. A "lay day" is scheduled if needed for inclement weather. That day is usually a time for visitors to enjoy the many amenities that Sarasota has to offer. Many family members also attend and join in the Squadron's planned activities, enhancing the experience for everyone. The 50th Regatta organizers plan to invite past World competitors to attend which will bring many more sailors to enjoy the racing via spectator boats and entertainment events. 

Expect great sailing from FL sailors Jeff Linton and Mike Ingham who have won many regattas leading up to the 50th year competition.  

Photo courtesy of Sarasota Sailing Squadron

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