Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

  • By Elizabeth Stamp and Lindsey Mather
  • 03/3/21

Refreshing your kitchen doesn’t require a gut renovation. If your existing cabinets are in good condition, paint them a bold hue, whether a pale blue, a rich black, or something in between, to instantly take the space from cookie-cutter to high-style. A dimly lit room can become inviting and cheery, and an expansive kitchen can feel dramatic and intimate, all with the swipe of a paintbrush. Cabinets can serve as a beautiful contrast to the wall color, or for a cohesive look, try painting both surfaces the same shade. Suzanne Kasler used the same bright blue on the cabinets, the walls, and even the range hood in a kitchen at a Maine compound. There’s also no need to stick with one color. For a kitchen in an English country home, Mark Gillette used three colors, including a soft red on the island and a sky-blue on a chest of drawers.

Another way to add impact is with a high-gloss finish. The black cabinets in a San Francisco kitchen designed by Thomas Britt take the drama up a notch thanks to their shining surface. Painted cabinets can also highlight existing design elements, such as colorful appliances, tile floors, or backsplashes. The green cabinets in a Los Angeles kitchen designed by Commune pair beautifully with the yellow tile backsplash, while gray cabinets in a Bahamas home by Miles Redd let the pale blue painted floor and grass-cloth wall covering be the focus of the space.

If you’re sold on giving your cabinets a transformative coat of paint, but not sure what shade to choose, you’re in luck.  Before you head to the hardware store, scroll on for some seriously colorful inspiration.

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